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I discovered #4 through him and I agree both with his summary and the paper itself --- canonical Huffman is astoundingly simple if you look at it in the right way, yet almost everyone doesn't.

ryg is also a member of the Farbrausch demogroup, which has released some amazing demos. This one is probably the most memorable: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3n3c_8Nn2Y


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I've recently been following him on Twitter, that guy is a walking encyclopedia!


[–] bobsgame link

Ryg is amazing and I love his writings. His series on graphics is fantastic.


[–] monocasa link

> Also, is this the same Duff of Duff's device fame?

Yep. He did both while working at LucasFilm.


[–] santaclaus link

> premultiplied alpha

They should really teach this up in some computer graphics 101 -- it is crazy how many fringing artifacts you see in the wild. Also, is this the same Duff of Duff's device fame?


[–] amagumori link

this is probably immediately evident as soon as you start going through his site, but fabian is a phenomenally smart guy. every one of his blog posts is gold if you care about things like graphics or compression.


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I wish I could read faster