[–] parmesan link

I just updated - WOW! What an improvement! Compared startup time and scrolling around some over-monetized sites; Behaves just as well as Chrome. Time for a switch again, I've missed FireFox since I started having Chrome as my default browser back in ~2011


[–] barrkel link

Hopefully most of the missing extensions will be developed sooner rather than later. I have 15 extensions installed, 14 of which are "Legacy".

The most critical one, Tree Style Tabs, has been converted. That was the key blocker that prevented me from seriously using Chrome. But many more remain; Cookie Controller, RefControl, some kind of Classic Theme Restorer equivalent (to get a menu bar back for Bookmarks, at a minimum), etc.


[–] Mizza link

I just upgraded. It completely changes the chrome of the browser on OSX and it is _absolutely hideous_. There are a lots of unnecessary animations that I find very jarring. I don't know if there's a way to change it back yet.

UPDATE: There is a "Customize Firefox" button which allows modifying the theme, which fixes the colors, but not the shape of the tabs or the animations.

UPDATE: In about:config, you can disable some of the animations with `toolkit.cosmeticAnimations.enabled: false`

UPDATE: You can bring back curved tabs with this: https://github.com/wilfredwee/photon-australis


[–] awinder link

This is so close to great but can a mac snob ask how to get a more consistent UI experience out of firefox? I'm totally happy with how everything behaves inside the web panel but:

  1.  At a minimum I'd be happy with a toolbar icon set that was a little more in step with OS X design (but willing to hear 
      if I just have misunderstanding of design :D)
  2.  As a reach, os-native menus or at least more native-style menus for things like the toolbar menu


[–] Exuma link

I trashtalked Firefox being slow forever, I just tried it out and I must say it's definitely very fast. Great work to the Firefox team.


[–] dyukqu link

For those who look for NoScript replacement, uMatrix[0] (from the maker of uBlock Origin) has got you covered (with "A Desperately Needed User’s Guide"[1]).

[0]https://addons.mozilla.org/en-GB/firefox/addon/umatrix/ [1]http://adamantine.me/index.php/2015/11/18/umatrix-desperatel...


[–] daniel_iversen link

It’s great that FF is now faster but how’s battery life in this new engine? The reason I stuck with safari and only a year ago moved to chrome was that google finally was able to drastically improve battery life on chrome for Mac... where is FF here (their release page doesn’t mention “battery” at all), does anyone know?


[–] scott_karana link

I too am sad that despite the awesome speed, I'm forced to stick with v56 out of necessity for my add-ons.

Tab Groups (which was originally a first-class Mozilla feature called Panorama) absolutely changed my browser workflow, and I can't imagine regressing...

The new APIs won't support replacement any time soon, and the dev has already given up, since they'd already had to run a fundraiser once to add Electrolysis support, just to find that their work would be thrown away in the near future anyways.

And that's just one example... :(


[–] cvburgess link

Anyone know how the new FireFox compares on battery-life? Safari crushes Chrome on this front currently, but I'm curious how FireFox compares now.


[–] sleepychu link

At last LastPass has released a new version! (FF Developer Edition has passed beyond the grace period so only allows modern extensions. I've been using Chrome just for lastpass for months!)


[–] dom96 link

Just upgraded. Definitely feels snappier at first glance, what I'm most curious about however is how much the speed deteriorates the longer I use it (if at all). The older version was definitely pretty bad after a couple of days of uptime.

All in all though. Nice job so far. :)

Edit: I do sorta feel like the tabs are now smaller (when there is a lot of tabs open), any way to make them bigger?


[–] jp_rider link

If you'd like to disable pocket, here are instructions:



[–] mkup link

Firefox Quantum feels very fast, but addon support is disappointing :(

  + uBlock Origin
  - Self-Destructing Cookies
  - YesScript
  - Video DownloadHelper
  - Save Session


[–] richardboegli link

For those who still need older plugin system, use Firefox ESR for as long as possible or switch now to Pale Moon.

I gave FF57 (Quantum) a try during Beta and it was FAST. I am still using Pale Moon, but installed FF57 to see the improvements, to keep an alternate browser installed and also because Mozilla "Container Tabs" looks very interesting. https://wiki.mozilla.org/Security/Contextual_Identity_Projec...

Using Tree Style Tabs and Container Tabs looks to be AWESOME, once they do a little bit more polish to switching between containers.

At the moment, they haven't implemented hiding of the horizontal tabs as Mozilla haven't officially implemented the feature. It is a work in progress though.

See this workaround to remove tabs: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=15343940

Now that FF57 is out of beta, I'll give it another go.


[–] bobcall link

This will be the first version of Firefox that I won't be using. The final straw with me was the "Studies" integration. I've wanted to stop using Firefox since Pocket and EME was integrated, but I have failed to find anything else that works for me. I can no longer pretend to trust the Mozilla Foundation or the Firefox team, given their track record over the last few years. In our current era, the browser has become a critical piece of software and it is dangerous to trust an organization who wishes to censor [1][2] and track users.

[1] Brendan Eich https://www.forbes.com/sites/quora/2014/04/11/did-mozilla-ce...

[2] Mozilla Information Trust Initiative : https://archive.fo/jcJWg


[–] jcoffland link

Without Tab Mix Plus Firefox 57 is not an option for me. Does anyone know of an extension that allows multiple tab rows? Tab Trees and like extensions don't cut it. This is the main reason I never switched to Chrome.

It's too bad FF had to abandon it's massive library of legacy extensions for this upgrade. The myriad of extensions is one of FF's main benefits over other browsers. I've happily accepted lower performance in trade for configuration options. I suppose the most popular extensions will eventually be ported.


[–] thinkloop link

I'm loving the new FF, my missing feature is being able to open a site as a desktop app. I use chrome to make different icons/windows/apps for gmail, hn, reddit, photos, cloud9, etc. Anyone know if there is a way to have a website shortcut open in its own window and have an icon in the taskbar?


[–] hysan link

Asked this a week ago in anticipation for the release but got no response.[1] Whatever happened with Cliqz? Is it still a part of the release?

[1] https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=15643154


[–] liuw link

I'm using it now. It is really snappy!

There are bugs though. I'm using Debian Stretch. Right click menu doesn't work: it appears for a fraction of a second then disappears; so does the top-bar menu of LastPass plugin.


[–] bobajeff link

I wonder when the Android version of Firefox will be updated to 57.


[–] farnsworthy link

Nice to see an update, and performance improvements are noticeable.

If you're missing blank tabs like I was, restore blank tabs at Preferences|When Firefox starts, and set Home Page to `about:blank`.

If you prefer new tabs to be blank as well, that's managed via the gear button on the new tab page, and by deselecting checked options.

Themes are set at Tools|Add-ons|Themes. (For example, if you want a lighter-style theme restored.)

I posted more thoughts here:



[–] choward link

The one feature I wanted that chrome has isn't there in Gnome: no worthless title bar that shows redundant information. I saw screenshots for Gnome with the title bar missing before Quantum was released, so I had my hopes up.

There is an extension to get rid of it. However, you also have to manually install some other garbage too. They provide a debian package, but I'm not using a debian based OS so it's a pain in the ass. I'll stick with Chromium, thanks.


[–] gog link

Judging by the comments, I could be in a minority, but to me this version feels slower.

There is a noticeable lag before first paint of the page. This is specially visible if you have a fast site. I was able to click through links on the site with no lag, now there is a small, but noticeable lag.

Also, where did the "Restore tabs" button go from the homepage?

EDIT: Also, it looks like my fans are running more often, so CPU usage could be higher as well.


[–] AndrewStephens link

Forgetting about the speed for a moment (which is great), I like the direction they are taking the user interface. Recent versions of FireFox had terribly clunky and frustratingly bizarre UI elements, 57 is a huge improvement.


[–] cryptos link

I hope that firefox will continue to protect users privacy as good as possible. I'm thinking of super cookies and the like. Other brother vendors don't seem to be very engaged in this area.


[–] DC-3 link

Congratulations to the developers on an important release.


[–] shabbyrobe link

Just installed it, looks like the update overrode my previously set default of a blank "new tab" page in favour of their overly fancy, ad infested "new tab experience" page. Looks like it's time for another scan of about:config for any other nasties they decided to sneak in there this time.


[–] dpc94 link

Has anyone had poor performance on mac? I notice that my fans tend to spin up quite frequently with normal browsing. I didn't really have this issue with chrome.


[–] beaconfield link

w00t! I started using Firefox 1.0 after being a Netscape user back in the day. I love Mozilla and all they stand for and I'm so excited that they are releasing Quantum and kicking ass again.


[–] majani link

Wow, no one's talking about mobile? Have they fixed the lagginess and inaccurate click detection that routinely crops up on the Android browser?


[–] atonse link

Feels GREAT! Happy to be using this in addition to Safari. I also added uBlock Origin as an adblocker but would still love if FF eventually included native, declarative content blocking like Safari (probably less likely given how much money they get from Google).


[–] huhtenberg link

Is there a pre-57 theme for the UI?

The new one is way too minimalist. It also appears to target people with poor sight all chrome elements suddenly became larger.

EDIT - The upgrade also wiped all GreaseMonkey scripts for some reason. Hmm.

EDIT - Downgraded back to 56. Way too many jarring UI changes as well as the AddOn breakage to justify the new snappiness. Mozilla also appears to have pulled the link to the "old releases" page from their main website, so here it is - https://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/firefox/releases


[–] leadingthenet link

Previous discussion about performance improvements can be found here: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=15686653


[–] lizzard link

Super fast! And I'm so happy that Tree Style Tab is working smoothly.


[–] SAI_Peregrinus link

It's nice, I guess. Doesn't feel any faster, but since I tend to load new links in tabs and then visit them after I've never really noticed page load times anyway.


[–] godelski link

It feels a lot snappier, but I definitely am not seeing a memory improvement. `about:memory` shows ~230MB for the top one, but task manager shows me at 1.3GB. I only have 13 tabs open. Yesterday this same tab set was running about the same memory. I know my linux computer at home runs lower memory with more tabs (that one hasn't been updated to 57 yet)

But the browser speed feels A LOT smoother.

Update: In the last hour I'm now reading about 1.8GB at 16 tabs. Still acting really fast though.


[–] frayesto link

Anyone else use PocketCasts web player? Chrome is able to play audio at 2.7x speed without distortion while Firefox still has issues.

Is there a location where I can submit a bug report?


[–] awake link

Does anyone know of benchmarks comparing this to the current version of chrome. The Mozilla team only mentions that it’s faster than previous versions of Firefox.


[–] rhabarba link

IMO, it sucks now.

I like the awesome new speed even on my old Sandy Bridge, but the death of ANY possibilities to add features to the browser UI is not worth it. Really.


[–] akulbe link

I wonder why, with Mozilla's pro-web and pro-user focus... why not DuckDuckGo?


[–] taurath link

Gave it a shot. My complaints on 20m of usage (2015 MBP):

1. Firefox is sitting at 15-20% of my CPU with 2 tabs open. I've never had the fan come on just from browsing tabs on chrome. I opened gmail while typing this and now I'm at about 50% of my CPU and the fan is blaring. Something seems very wrong.

2. The import from other browser (assuming say I already had an old version installed and selected "replace" on mac install) option is VERY hidden behind a bunch of menus. It also didn't import any of my cookies to google, HN, or probably most other passwords in the keychain.

3. Resizing a window feels really sluggish and not snappy, as does tabbing back and forth between tabs. It takes a noticable like 500-800ms to switch to gmail. Most tabs are around 200-400ms. This feels massively slower than chrome thus far

4. The design when typing in the search bar is pretty jarring, filling up a huge amount with white space.

I'll keep trying but if the CPU doesn't chill out this is basically a non-starter for me.


[–] Asdfbla link

Is there a good Vimperator replacement for the new webextension addon system?


[–] b3lvedere link

It's fast. Fast!


It seems i also got Ebay as an additional search engine. Oh well.. deleted it. :)


[–] ramenmeal link

I'm trying it out now. Seems fast and I like the UI. I think there is a feature missing that I require... In chrome I can log into two separate accounts, my work and my personal. They run as practically two separate instances of chrome, so I can log into a separate lastpass account for each. Is this possible with firefox?


[–] chaotic_clanger link

* where are my dragons? i mean add-ons

* https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/tree-style-tab/ leaves original firefox row of tabs opened. so now i have two sets

* ffox currently eats 8-12% of cpu (i.e. almost one whole core) for itself. the consumption does not seem to stop.


[–] hayd link

Would love to see an Electron-compatible runtime coming from Firefox (using the new engine), using less memory etc.

Looks like positron used to do this but is now dead :( https://github.com/mozilla/positron


[–] pavs link

I have to say it's been a while since I have been impressed with a firefox official release, I have been using nightly for a couple of weeks now.

Another thing to note, and maybe most people don't instinctively realize this, but Chrome should get a lot of kudos for bringing both browsers and the web forward in such a short time. Let's not forget - the clusterfuck both Firefox and IE were before chrome came to the scene. A lot of the implements that makes Firefox awesome now came from chrome.

Chrome played just as big of a role as FF did to bring IE out of the gutter.

I haven't used IE (or whatever it's current incarnation is called) for a long time as a daily driver - spend some time about 6 months ago - wasn't impressed, but still better than what it was before.

Thanks, Chrome team.


[–] jlgaddis link

To chime in with some of the others, I decided to try out Firefox again [0] when the FF57 beta/nightly/whatever was first released and am very happy that I did!

Looks like that was ~48 days ago and I think I've opened up Chromium maybe two or three times since then.

(WRT extensions, LastPass was the only thing I "missed" (we have Enterprise for $work) although I normally use the CLI utility instead anyways. They came out with a beta a few weeks ago and it was actually working great until about two days ago when it suddenly broke for me. The other extensions I use -- uBlock Origin, Vimium -- have been working just fine.)

[0]: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=15344018


[–] tolger link

Having Reader View available out of the box is huge for me. This is one of the reasons I prefer Safari when I'm on MacOS. But I use Ubuntu most of the time, so I'm switching back to Firefox as my default browser. So far, it's been great.


[–] johndoe489 link

The omnibar is less convenient than Google Chrome: it appears that pressing DELETE does not actually remove a search suggestion from History. Instead it seems to be ranked down. This is not useful, there should be a way to completely remove a suggestion (unless it is currently a bookmark).

In Google Chrome I navigate with the omnibar so much, it was the game changer for me when Chrome was new. The ability to quickly recall any page I visited before. Coupled with the ability to finetune these suggestions by removing unwanted entries.


[–] thecollate link

It’s blazing fast.. Hoping to see more successful Rust based applications.


[–] fred123 link

Quick performance comparison, FF 57 with only a single tab (upwork.com) and Chrome latest with 30+ tabs:

Chrome: https://i.imgur.com/o8f4ZHp.gifv FF 57: https://i.imgur.com/kaQl5gN.gifv

FF 57 is much slower. Maybe a very specific use case but confirms my experience so far that FF is much slower than Chrome on basically everything.


[–] amelius link

It's supposed to be faster, but when I open developer-tools and click on "Inspector", it takes almost 5 seconds to paint.

EDIT: Okay, tested again; it depends heavily on the website you do this on.


[–] yannovitch link

Do you know how many bookmarks it can sync ?

I have 30000+ bookmarks, and I use my bookmark structure all the time on all my devices, that's my workflow to write later content on my websites ( my folders = my categories, sort of) and I don't want to change my workflow.

When I was using FF two years ago, it couldn't sync that many bookmarks, and that's the only reason which was keeping me from using FF (besides speed and memory usage, but that tend to vary).


[–] zabil link

I've been using Firefox nightly after Quantum changes got in and I love it. I use it as my default browser.

Now that the changes are mainstream I'll be switching to version 57.

But I can't stop using Chrome yet. We write a lot of functional tests and Chrome is better at it.

It's got libraries like Puppeteer, good Webdriver support and a headless mode that just works. I can't put my finger on it, but it's difficult to run automated tests with Firefox.

I hope Firefox gets something like Chrome's DevTools protocol.


[–] aryehof link

Can one run the new version alongside a previous version?

I need to access occasionally extensions unsupported in the new version: namely Scrapbook and the extension that provides maff file support.


[–] __BrianDGLS__ link

I'm on windows 7, the new version seems to keep spawning a process which grinds my machine to a halt.

I've had to open task manager twice now to kill it. Only downloaded it 10 minutes ago.


[–] xpil link

It scores 97/100 in ACID3. Not that it matters but stil...


[–] contingencies link

Had some lag after install and had to disable smooth scrolling in General Preferences to sort it. Not sure if I was somehow hallucinating but it's smooth now. OSX.


[–] Washuu link

Does anyone know a replacement for Focus Last Selected Tab functionality? Meaning, when closing a tab, it focuses the previously selected tab before that one.


[–] JohnTHaller link

For fans of using Firefox without installing it into Windows (or just trying it out temporarily without leaving things behind), the portable version is also available for your cloud folder, portable drive, or local drive: https://portableapps.com/apps/internet/firefox_portable


[–] submeta link

This post made me switch from Safari to Firefox. (I abandoned Chrome several years ago. Don't like Google's philosophy.) Hadn't really been using FF in ages. It has made tremendous improvements. Super fast startup and navigation.

Also installed a plugin named Vim Vixen. Now I am able to navigate and use the browser almost without touching the mouse.

Thank you Mozilla. Keep up the good work!


[–] pfooti link

Is there some super-compelling reason why FF doesn't let you inspect websocket frames? I was taking FF for a drive yesterday, based on the earlier thread, and it was nice until I started debugging my web app.

I'm not interested in trusting a third party extension with all my network data either, so the plug-in to do this isn't an option. It's weird, but this really is a blocker for me for general use.


[–] bespoke_engnr link

I've just updated and it seems really nice so far. Best of all, the "Tree Style Tab" extension works again, and it's glorious.


[–] johndoe489 link

Is it possible in Firefox to remember the "pinned" state of a tab matching a bookmark when it is closed?

It' be awesome if some of my bookmarks always open in a pinned state. Examples: rain.today (white noise). ... But I don't want them to be there everytime I open the browser, hence to remember the pinned preference with bookmarks.


[–] jusjus link

Still can't view websocket messages natively in the browser. The add on that did this don't work in the new version


[–] w-m link

When I'm trying to resize the "Welcome to Firefox" window on a Retina iMac on 10.12.6, the wavy background animation completely freezes. Firefox then takes more than a second to update the window content and restart the animation.

That particular welcome screen seems like a really poor choice to demonstrate the supposedly much-improved rendering engine on my machine.


[–] dvdhnt link

I updated to the beta last night before doing a bit of homework. While working in Google docs, I noticed that if you right click and try to "paste without formatting", you get this popup: https://cl.ly/3O0n2e3y1p1e

Has anyone experienced that in a browser other than Firefox?


[–] 0x49d1 link

Very nice release, congrats! Are there any plans to improve tab search option in AwsomeBar? For example now you have to really precisely type the name of the tab to switch to it. You can add some kind of fuzzy search logic to find the tab on relatively relevant typing. With >10 tabs open that would be really useful.


[–] undefined link


[–] pier25 link

Woah it's super fast.

Anyone knows if the other major browsers are working on a similar approach to increase performance?


[–] esistgut link

I would really like a Debian repository like the one used for Chrome, providing working rolling releases.


[–] wnevets link

One downside is that there isn't a replacement for the tab wheel scroll add-on. Very annoying.


[–] flyinghamster link

Just updated it on Android... and I wish I hadn't.

The very first thing I was greeted with on the "top sites" page was a bunch of "Recommended by Pocket" links, and no way to disable that.

I can't find anything in about:config to disable this either. How about NO, goddammit?

Shame on you, Mozilla.


[–] helper link

Whats the status of u2f in firefox 57? Trying to login to gmail I get "Something went wrong. Remove your Security Key and try again." I enabled 'security.webauth.u2f' and 'security.webauth.webauthn' but that didn't seem to help :(


[–] wishinghand link

A question I have- I've been using Firefox Developer Edition and it says "57.0b12 (64-bit)" when I check its version. Is it kept in parity (or slightly ahead) of Firefox? Do I have all of the new features and speed boosts like Quantum?


[–] Drdrdrq link

I'm still seeing version 56 on Google Play, is Android version 57 not available yet?


[–] adventured link

Congrats to the Firefox developers and team in general. I've stuck with Firefox as my primary browser since version 2 or 3, even as it became very frustratingly slow or resource inefficient compared to Chrome. Version 57 is tremendous.


[–] mychael link

I write software for the web so speed is secondary. I want to know: Does the inspector have better/more features than Chrome's Inspector? Does it have Redux and React Toolbars that are better than the Chrome ones?


[–] barosoa link

No video download helper. Anyone got a good way of downloading video streams?


[–] V-2 link

As one of these people who switched away from Firefox to Chrome a long time ago, I was curious to give it another go now that it's revamped and all. I tend to do it very year or so, but something is always wrong.

Unfortunately, I quickly bumped into one simple deal-breaker (the same that discouraged me from using Opera once, if I recall). Firefox adds a few pixels of useless gap space above the tabs, meaning I always have to move the cursor slightly downwards when changing tabs.

Some googling revealed the bug was actually reported over a year ago: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1302168

As of now, it persists. Back to Chrome - see you again next year : )


[–] dbg31415 link

It's great, until you go to stream a video. Then the fans kick on, the computer gets too hot to hold... Been this way forever, hope Firefox can address this at some point in a future release.


[–] esistgut link

I use a dark theme on my Gnome desktop and in Firefox default form input elements follow the theme settings. The textarea I'm typing in here on HN is barely readable with this colors.


[–] AdmiralAsshat link

Pretty much all the extensions I need have been converted to WebExtensions at this point. DownTheMAll remains the sole holdout at this point, but I really only use it on one of my workstations.


[–] petre link

Where do I see the params of post requests in the developer tools? The parameters tab only shows url params. The old behaviour was to show both. Also, rendering a 50k json response is slow.


[–] ndrake link

Here's hoping Hacker News Enhancement Suite becomes available soon.



[–] citruscomputing link

Loading webpages is faster for me, but youtube has a lot of jank and videos freeze every few seconds. Is anyone else experiencing this, and if so, have you been able to fix it?


[–] johndoe489 link

On Windows 10, am I dreaming or the font smoothing looks a tiny bit different (from Google Chrome)?

I kinda like it, small text looks a bit stronger and smoother à-la OS X.


[–] rammy1234 link

Firefox AGAIN became my favorite. Allows me to control my privacy to the level I want. Great improvements. I believe there is more to come. YAY !!


[–] deisner link

I'd feel a little better if the words "secure" or "security" appeared at least once in the marketing material: https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/57.0/whatsnew/, https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/.


[–] vernie link

Will it be possible to get multi-row tabs back?


[–] gbrown_ link

Anyone know how to disable the new loading animation? I find the "pulse" at the end of the animation very distracting.


[–] shady-lady link

Glad Tree Style Tabs ported over to 57...but kinda annoying I needed to uninstall/re-install add-on to get it working again


[–] bwidlar link

Just updated, arch linux, great experience. Really really fast, the new dark theme is great. Thanks to the developers.


[–] arkitaip link

The main thing keeping me tied to Chrome is how it syncs passwords, bookmarks and history. Is Firefox's sync as good?


[–] johndoe489 link

1) Is it possible to change the shortcut for Private window to CTRL Shift N somehow like in Chrome? (instead of Ctrl Shift P). (I like that I could use that shortcut with my left hand (albeit with some nice thumb extension action).)

2) Any way to remove the bottom bar icons when the omni bar completion box shows? ... wait... How do I even edit search engines in Firefox? Like say, typing "yt (space) search term" to do a search on YouTube?


[–] MadWombat link

So... is there an official guide for downgrading back to an older version? For those of us who lost functionality?


[–] jmh530 link

Feedly performs like garbage with the new Firefox. 100% of CPU when clicking on the feed and doesn't go down.


[–] intopieces link

I've since switched to UnGoogled Chromium but might have to give this a shot just get TreeStyle Tabs back.


[–] ProAm link

Does anyone know how to make the newtab screen dark? All the user styles seem not to work anymore?


[–] fyrstenberg link

Do anyone have NoScript working in 57r? The latest dev version from noscript.net doesn't want to install.


[–] undefined link


[–] wklm link

Did anyone find an easy way to export bookmarks, history etc from chrome to firefox?


[–] rexreed link

Ever since version 50.0, Firefox consistently crashes / freezes every time I try to download a file / save-as an image. I've seen this reported by others as well. This makes Firefox very much unusable for me. Perhaps someone here will pay attention to that.

(fixed you try to I try to make it more about me ;)


[–] masterleep link

On first glance, it's got some pretty annoying loading animations for tabs.


[–] elnygren link

TIL Chrome is the worst browser on my Macbook atm.

Not too long ago it was the best.


[–] calyhre link

Still miss a proper / user-friendly profiles management interface :(


[–] Zeklandia link

I'm just glad that uBlock₀ works in Firefox 57.0 for Android.


[–] el_padrinho link

What you think is better, this version or still google chrome?


[–] genzoman link

I updated to 57 from 56 and now FireFox won't launch :(.


[–] godzillabrennus link

This is exciting! Glad to see Google Chrome has competition.


[–] asfdsfggtfd link

Any recommendations for installing the ESR version on Linux?


[–] shmerl link

What Firefox version is Webrender release scheduled for?


[–] gorn link

Is there a way to import bookmarks from Chrome?


[–] lonk link

Scrolling is still laggy and jerky on android.


[–] superdaniel link

Even the scrolling on macOS is more smooth!


[–] SquareWheel link

Congrats Firefox team on this release!


[–] jeshwanth link

Wow, super responsive firefox now :)


[–] Shivetya link

since 56.0 google maps went black on me and nothing seems to matter. really confused how something so simple just breaks; I am on OS X fwiw.

I end up swapping to safari for some functions and then using firefox for others. throw in 57 changes the look for no reason. I don't need dark tabs as default, updates should not change the user experience without permission


[–] Kattywumpus link

No more Private Tabs.


[–] gregorymichael link

This is really fast.


[–] ryanpcmcquen link

Thank you Mozilla!


[–] jacknews link

vertical tabs?

Seems like vertical-tabs-reloaded no longer works.


[–] stesch link

Currently no NoScript for Firefox 57.

And no gestures if you are on Mac or Linux.


[–] user5994461 link

The release disabled noscript. Do not update.


[–] dsschnau link

its so good!


[–] Vinnl link

From the announcement post [1]:

> As part of our focus on user experience and performance in Firefox Quantum, Google will also become our new default search provider in the United States and Canada.

Does that mean the deal with Yahoo! has lapsed? And is there a new deal with Google, or no deal at all? (And what would be the revenue impact of that?)

Edit: Just saw an announcement for this as well [2], with no word about revenue. Guess that means that Yahoo! isn't paying anymore and that it means Google is the more sensible choice when nobody pays - though that's still reading between the lines.

[1] https://blog.mozilla.org/blog/2017/11/14/introducing-firefox...

[2] https://blog.mozilla.org/blog/2017/11/14/firefox-features-go...


[–] brody182 link

brave browser all the way


[–] illamea85 link

Loaded with Cliqz trojan horse!


[–] mason182 link

still brave browser is much better, its fast, blocks all trackers, ads, bitcoin, BAT integrated and much more


[–] ForFreedom link

Absolutely no difference from chrome w.r.t memory usage.


[–] Severian link

I won't touch it until NoScript is available.


[–] MadWombat link

So... my Firefox just auto-upgraded to 57

* No multi-row tab bar and no way to get it (from Tab Mix Plus)

* Tabs are ugly square and no way to get them rounded

* Tabs are too small and no way to set minimal tab size

* Tabs are all the same color and no way to get them colored again

* No tab groups, the replacement is containers, but there is no way to move an existing tab into a container and no way to only see tabs for a particular container.

* Tab Session Manager seems to provide named sessions, although I have not tested it properly yet

I wouldn't say that the new FF is completely useless, but it has affected my browsing experience in a strongly negative way. I will give it a few days, but at this point Chrome might provide more features I actually want (never thought I would say that).

Edit: Reading other comments in this thread, I found a link to a set of CSS files that bring rounded tabs back (https://github.com/wilfredwee/photon-australis). Unfortunately it disables color coding container tabs which makes separating containers a pain. Well, guess you cannot have everything.